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Years of Experience: A collective wealth of experience spanning 14 years in financial management, 3 years in the hospitality sector, 5 years in retail sales and marketing, and 20 years in financial services and real estate management.

At KYK Homes, we are passionate advocates of sustainable tourism, driven by the belief that every corner of our planet deserves to be explored. We specialize in transforming untapped tourist destinations, particularly hill areas and riverbanks, into hubs of economic empowerment and cultural enrichment. Our journey is rooted in a commitment to uplift local communities by unlocking the hidden potential of their natural resources and heritage.

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Our Purpose in Every

At KYK Homes, we don't just create destinations; we curate experiences that empower communities and transform the way you travel. Our commitment goes beyond breathtaking views; it's about creating a positive impact, leaving you with unforgettable memories that resonate with purpose.


Our Mission

Our mission at KYK Homes is to uplift local communities and empower them by unlocking the economic potential of their natural resources and cultural heritage through sustainable tourism development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading force in promoting inclusive and responsible tourism, where the beauty of these regions is preserved and visitors gain enriching experiences while positively impacting the lives of the local population.

Meet KYK's Visionaries

KYK beats with Shiv Raj Yadav's finance, Gurpreet Singh Kalra's hospitality, and Akhil Kumar's
business brilliance.

Shiv Raj Yadav

Twenty Years of Experience In Financial Services And Five Years Additional Experience In Developing Real Estate Management Business

Gurpreet Singh Kalra

14 Years Experience In Financial Management And 3 Years Experience In Hospitality Sector

Akhil Kumar

Five Years Experience Retail Sales And Marketing Sector

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